On February 12, 2016 Written in Ink will be going on a hiatus.

7 years ago, Written in Ink set out to redefine digitally printed invitations. The thinking at that time was if something was printed digitally, it was cheap. Just because they tended to look overly colorful and over designed. Couples and event hosts were looking for a budget-friendly alternative that did not sacrifice design and style. We provided a way for clients to get tasteful invitations while taking advantage of benefits of digital printing (quicker lead times and lower prices).

While reviewing Baich Group’s invitation brands (Printsonalities and Written in Ink) to find ways to be more responsive to the needs of today’s clients, we found that maintaining a single invitations brand is the best way to move forward. This allows us to be more focused on improving our services for this product line.

From hereon out, Printsonalities will continue to serve all your invitation needs. We will be applying everything we’ve learned from Written in Ink to strengthen our efforts in providing you with the best inviting experience.

It was a good run for Written in Ink and we are grateful to everyone who has supported this brand and allowed it to grow to where it is today. It's only the end of Wink as you know it. We will be doing some soul-searching and will be back with exciting things to offer. We couldn't be more thrilled for the things to come!

- The Wink Team

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I just confirmed my order with Wink. What will happen to it?
All confirmed orders will be honored fulfilled according to the usual Written in Ink terms.

When will Wink cease operations?
Written in Ink will stop accepting new projects starting February 12, 2016.

I’ve booked Written in Ink already (Bridal Fair, Online Promo etc.) but my event is still far in the future. Do I need to process my order already?
Confirmed bookings will still be honored. The option is open for your downpayment to be transferred to Printsonalities and continue the invitation ordering process with them. They have some exciting new packages.

Why is Written in Ink going on hiatus?
We have a new vision for the Written in Ink brand that came about when we had the opportunity to rethink our invitations brands to be more responsive to the needs of the current market. We realized that there is a better way for Written in Inkto flourish then just a second invitations company.